Careful estate planning is essential to preserving your assets for yourself and your children. A carefully structured Estate Plan allows your estate to pass to your heirs without the exuberant fees and years long delay of Probate. A comprehensive Estate Plan also allows you to prepare for incapacity, serious health provider decisions, and for prudent distribution to your heirs. All that and they save you money and relieve your stress.

Estate Plans must be carefully suited for the unique needs of the individual. Our 30 years of experience allows us to efficiently analyse your estate and create an Estate Plan that precisely suits your unique needs.

Our Estate Plans Include But Are Not Limited To:

Our Estate plan includes a will. California Probate Code requires a Testator to be of majority age and of sound mind. There are certain legal requirements that must be followed for a will to be enforceable. Some small estates that have no real estate may suit their Estate Planning needs with only a simple will. Consult with us to discuss what is best for your needs.

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There are many different types of trusts including: Revocable Trust; Irrevocable Trust; Charitable Trust; Special Needs trust; and Probate Trust.

Each have a specific purpose (tax reduction, asset protection, specific need, etc.) which is suitable for a unique need and circumstance. All allow immediate access (if  instructed by settlor/trustee) by the successor Trustee to pay debts and distribute to beneficiaries without probate. Contact us to discuss which is right for your needs.

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The Power of Attorney allows a principle to designate an agent[s] to make financial decisions on their behalf. A durable power of attorney remains in force even after the principle becomes incapacitated and ceases when the principle dies. DPA holds the fort.

Health Care Directives are a very important part of an Estate Plan. The directive allows you to designate an agent[s] to make the medical treatment decisions that are personal/private to you, and to specify what type of treatment you desire or wish to avoid. You may also specify your preference for burying, cremating, or donating your body parts and remains.

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A Declaration of Trust is a recorded document and provides notice to the public.

The general assignment is your statement regarding the funding of your Trust Estate. Actual funding requires the additional step of transferring your property into the trust.

The Certificate of Trust certifies to any financial institutions or other asset holding entities that you have a valid Trust. The institution can then transfer assets held by them into the trust with out having to see your private trust documents.

We can not over emphasize the importance of funding your Trust with your assets. There are some types of accounts which provide for beneficiaries and there may be reasons for not funding your trust with certain accounts. Our funding Instructions address your specific funding needs, with emphasis on actual funding.


Your comprehensive Estate Plan will give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the worst and that your family is provided for. Your Estate Plan will save you the costs and delay (one year at least, sometimes many years) of probate while allowing you to structure your asset access and distribution as you desire.


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